Our 2023 Season

LongHouse Reserve, with an enthusiastic Board and staff, look forward to a 2023 season centered on Land — a nature reserve with thousands of living species; Place — an institution to learn, explore, and grow; and Spirit — a relaxing sanctuary for creativity, wellness, and respite.

We could not be more grateful to you for your support

This is how contributions help to support our programs, our grounds, our people, and to offer exciting experiences for everyone.


$10,000 expands our extensive community-based learning and support of free and reduced admission fees.

Founder Jack Lenor Larsen said, "We learn best through a three-dimensional experience; we learn faster and deeper from the experience of being in the space." Through our public programming, LongHouse seeks to engage a wide audience of children and adults, some of whom have never visited a public garden or museum. Tours and educational materials in Spanish have contributed to continued growth in visits from the large Hispanic community on the East End of Long Island. Admission is always free for school groups, students 18 and under, and college and continuing education students of all ages.


$5,000 helps us maintain our permanent collection and install new works.

Each season, a significant part of the collection is re-sited throughout the gardens to inspire exploration for our visitors. New art includes commissioned installations, and the artists featured engage visitors in dialogue, conversation, and performances for the entire community.


$2,500 helps us to help you.

We continue to broaden our wellness programming so visitors of all ages are empowered to find peace and calm through the transformative power of art and nature. This season , we will offer sessions of Tai Chi, Forest Bathing and Sound & Silence practice, each led by a local practitioner. Participants range in age from 9-90, an affirmation of the community’s interest in wellness activities.

LongHouse Scholarships

$1,000 enables us to increase the amount of each scholarship.

Yearly, LongHouse awards scholarship to two local high school seniors for their creativity in visual or performing arts, horticulture, landscape, or design. Help us to build this fund to increase the award, and allow us to award more scholarships throughout the year to bright students.

College Internships

$500 allows us to increase the modest stipend.

Our eight-week internships create unique opportunities for college students on the path to becoming conservators, curators or horticulturists. Your help will add to the stipend we offer for their time and interest in learning from all we do at LongHouse.

Spring Bulbs & Summer Perennials

$100 helps us acquire spring flowering bulbs such as unique species tulips and summer blooming perennials such as unusual astilbe and roses.

A Custom Gift

Your gift at any amount helps to ensure that LongHouse is able to offer all of this to everyone – this sanctuary created for peaceful thought, gathering, and inspiration.

Thank you for your invaluable support.