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LongHouse Talks

Photographer and Author Maryam Eisler

During the lockdown of 2020, Maryam Eisler brought together 164 of the world’s most influential artists, interviewing and photographing them over video calls to create a unique series of portraits and accompanying insights. Like 21st century miniatures, each of Eisler’s portraits is contained within the frame of the mobile phone. Each screen shot is a portal into the world of the artist. We see glimpses of homes and studios that had also become spaces of confinement during the pandemic. Renowned for her captivating photographs of artists, Eisler also elicits their ideas, philosophies, and survival strategies in what is a unique art historical record. Embracing different generations and geographies, Confined Artists – Free Spirits is a definitive survey of the artists of our time, at once personal, political, and poetic.

Please join us this August for one or both of these popular panels

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Max Blagg, Moderator

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Shirin Neshat, Artist

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Mickalene Thomas, Artist

Maryam Eisler Panel with Shirin Neshat and Mickalene Thomas

Moderated by Max Blagg
Thursday, August 22 | 4:00–5:30 PM

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Maryam Eisler, Moderator

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Eric Fischl, Artist


Harper Levine, Owner of Harper’s Gallery


Joel Mesler, Artist

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Sheree Hovsepian, Artist

Maryam Eisler Panel with Eric Fischl, Harper Levine, Joel Mesler and Sheree Hovsepian

Moderated by Maryam Eisler
Wednesday, August 28 | 4:00–5:30 PM

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