We welcome you to LongHouse and hope that you visit either with your school or with family and friends.

Here are some opportunities for your consideration.

Please contact Selena at selena@longhouse.org with questions or requests.


LongHouse offers students the opportunity to complete their community service hours. All we ask is a willingness to be part of our LongHouse team and to honor your commitment to the days and hours agreed upon.


The goal of this program is to provide a unique learning experience for students interested in the arts, community service and learning more about the careers involved in creating, maintaining and running, LongHouse Reserve.

Students will assist, shadow and experience the daily tasks undertaken by all here at LongHouse. This includes being part of what happens during the hours you commit to:

  • in the Office with our Executive Director and Staff
  • in our Gardens 
  • at INstore
  • assisting our Curator as needed
  • helping on Open Days, at the Gate and in the Pavilion
  • helping with events including our Summer Benefit

Through this exciting opportunity we hope to inspire our interns in their future endeavors and career pursuits.

Internships can be used on resumes and college applications.


If you are interested in pursuing Research, Graduate Study or Post Graduate work please contact us and include your focus of study.


We encourage your participation in our Student Annual and want to offer you every opportunity to do so.

  • If a teacher is not able to bring you and your class to LongHouse yet you’d like to visit, be inspired, and enter the Student Annual, let us know.
  • If you have visited LongHouse, you may submit to the Annual as an individual.
  • If you would like to do on-site work at LongHouse, that too can be arranged.

We value your voice, spirit and creative expression.

E-mail selena@longhouse.org for inquiries, help or for arranging a date and time to come to LongHouse to continue your work.


We’d like to hear your voice. After visiting, e-mail us with thoughts or questions. We will answer and will try to steer you in the right direction. Your ideas will help us grow.

Send us an e-mail, scan a sketch, forward a letter that you sent to your local paper about your visit, or send us a favorite photo. With your permission it might appear on this page or in our Newsletter. We will let you know if it will be posted.