Hello -

Though this site is redolent with amazing images of how we look and stimulating explanations of what we do - you must actually visit LongHouse to really understand it.  This site is a mere enticement - the true experience can only be had by being here.  And once you've been here you will want to come again and again because it is never the same.  By the very nature of a garden, it changes every day and what we put in the gardens: our planting schemes, our sculpture, our performances, our programs and especially our exhibitions are never static.  We are all about originality and fresh taste, while maintaining a certain sense of calm that many have called 'spiritual.'

Come often and take our experience home with you.
Share it with your neighbors and friends.
Sign our guestbook.
Shop at INstore.
Listen to the birds.
Learn from our cellphone tour.
Debate our art.
Join in our programs.
Become a member.

Our most important resource here at LongHouse is you and your support.  If you have kids - their future is our future.

Forge ahead with us into our second quarter century.

I look forward to welcoming you,

Dianne Benson