In case you haven't noticed, many organizations have upgraded their graphics and quality of printing considerably well, with better paper stock, and strong, minimal graphics, to be at once confident and understated.  So, too, are America's great design journals Architectural Record and Metropolis, and their outlook is global.

Speaking of publications, our hats are off to the East Hampton Star, since the 19th century, one of the America's great weekly newspapers.  That it continues so meaningful in a locale with a dozen free publications is praiseworthy indeed!  Brava!

Lastly, you will soon be aware of a fresh graphic program at LHR - this commensurate with our 2016 Jubilee celebrating 25 good years.

Of many great new books of all sizes and subjects including pop-ups, our favorite is Heirloom Harvest, the fourth handsome book on vegetables by Amy Goldman.  This new one is published by Bloomsbury and is in high contrast daguerreotypes - without color.

Not to be outdone, this spring LongHouse is publishing my new book, Learning from LongHouse, a handsome guide to non-conformity.  Designed and published by Pointed Leaf Press, order from INstore for only $32.