Education & Engagement


We learn best through a three-dimensional experience, we learn faster and deeper from the experience of being in the space.

-Jack Lenor Larsen (1927–2020)

Education and engagement programs at LongHouse aim to inspire and motivate life-long learning, creativity, innovation, and wellbeing through inventive experiences with the collections and gardens of LongHouse Reserve. In addition to exhibition-related programs, talks, wellness opportunities, and hands-on learning and making experiences for all ages, we offer Educational Tours, Internships, Scholarships, community service opportunities, and creative learning resources. LongHouse encourages and expands imagination, creativity, and appreciation through the experience and exploration of art, design, craft, performance, and nature interwoven to create an integrated environment, an inviting and dynamic “museum without walls” that nurtures creative learning and living.

Book a Tour | Committed to creating access for educators and students (from K-12 to college and graduate) for creative learning through the art and gardens, LongHouse offers educational tours and school visits free of charge. Learn More

Scholarships | Awarded to high school senior candidates in recognition of creative ambition in all its forms including Visual and Performing Arts, Horticulture, Landscape and Design. Learn More

Internships | Offered in summer to college or graduate school students interested in working with exhibitions of art and design, educational outreach, or gardens and the natural environment. Learn More

Email or call for more information (631) 329-3568.  

LongHouse is also pleased to:

  • Host staff meetings and superintendent's conference days.

  • Offer opportunities for your students to perform at LongHouse during Open Days or Special Events.

  • Make available the LongHouse Library:  books, articles, and videos for study and research can be consulted by appointment. 


If you would like to share your write-ups, photos and press with us, we will post these to share with the community. Please email us with your stories. 

Education programming is made possible with support from Agnes Gund.