A new year and our grand old lopped tree is still standing tall.  One of the oldest trees on the property, this is one of our favorites and makes for an enjoyable stroll from the office to the path where it sits behind the Squash Court.  This lopped tree served as a property marker long ago when LongHouse was farmland.  Although its trunk looks hollow, it still leafs out each year producing a lovely canopy in the warmer months. 

There are only a few lopped trees left in East Hampton.  The remnants of another one sits nearby on the Paumanok Path between Two Holes of Water Road and Bull Path (closer to Bull Path). Only the trunk remains of that specimen, but there is a trail sign marking its location and history.  We understand there may also be a lopped tree in the Springs.  Let us know if you have seen any in your area, we love them!

Check out this article from 1967 on the history of lopped trees on Long Island here featuring the image below.