“Should I keep watering my garden in the fall” you might ask? Well, the weather is certainly unpredictable this time of year – one day it’s sunny with temperatures in the 70s and the next day it’s cold, windy and rainy – so, watering for optimal plant health does become a bit challenging. Here are a few tips we think you’ll find useful…

In the fall, most plants require less water as your soil retains moisture for longer periods of time. That said, after a few weeks without rain, your garden will likely need additional hydration. Extra soaking through the end of October will keep your evergreens healthy throughout the fall and winter. Newer plantings and transplants will also need continuous watering, even as temperatures drop, and if you keep your deciduous ferns moist, they’ll stay green and lush longer. If you’ve restored your lawn or over-seeded bare spots on it, it’s important to generously water these areas for the first week or until the grass seed germinates.

In addition, you’ll want to adjust your irrigation system to either watering every other or every third day, depending on how quickly your soil dries, or set it to reduce the watering time for each zone by approximately 40%. And consider adding a rain sensor to your irrigation system in case you don’t already have one as it will shut the system off when it rains. Another approach is to install a WiFi operated smart irrigation clock – it will receive timely local weather data and will automatically create an appropriate watering schedule for your property.

Working with an expert irrigation company is essential for a healthy garden and, in the fall, they will blow out your irrigation system before the first heavy frost. We’re happy to recommend Robert Boyle and his team at RB Irrigation in the event you haven’t already engaged a trustworthy and reliable irrigation service provider. Robert and his superb team have been managing LongHouse Reserve’s irrigation needs for many years and they provide first rate service and advice.

But, what’s most important? Take time to enjoy this glorious time of year – observe your beloved garden as it prepares for a winter of rest and rejuvenation and savor every moment!