It's summertime and the living is easy - gloriously warm weather and limitless sunshine that seem to go on for days without end...or a drop of rain. These are wonderful conditions for days spent at the beach or by the pool but they can be distressing for your garden.  We spoke with Robert Boyle of RB Irrigation who is tasked with keeping the LongHouse lawns and gardens healthy and vibrant.

  • Robert, known as RB, says one of the most important things to remember about watering your home landscape is proper scheduling.  "Many factors play into a proper water schedule including soil type, type of plants, sun/shade conditions and even wind. For example, depending on the strength and direction of the wind, a home near the bay or ocean could result in a reduced or increased amount of water from the irrigation system. Water schedules should be checked and adjusted regularly - golf courses check daily but homeowners should at least check their watering schedules weekly."
  • The best time to water seems to produce a different answer depending on whom you ask. According to RB, "Landscapers prefer not having water sit on plants for prolonged periods of time that could produce conditions that breed plant diseases. Some are now recommending beginning your watering schedule even as early as midnight to avoid low water pressure caused by high water demand from other homeowners; this occurs for those whose homes are connected to town water as opposed to private wells.
  • New technologies can assist in getting the right amount of water to your garden. "There are new Wi-Fi controllers that connect to local weather stations so that watering can be adjusted according to weather conditions.
  • "Irrigation should deliver the proper amount of water without interfering with the beauty of the garden." RB often uses micro irrigation for a cleaner look in the garden. "Micro irrigation, also known as spaghetti irrigation, is perfect for flower pots, pool patios, decks, rooftop gardens and other hard-to-reach areas and avoids the need for unsightly sprinkler stands and hoses."  RB has installed micro irrigation in all of the container gardens in our Planters ON+OFF the Ground X exhibition, they are truly invisible!
  • Homeowners should consult their landscape professional or irrigation specialist for their watering needs, as each garden will have its own individual conditions. RB says that the industry rule of thumb is that a landscaped property with irrigation improves the value of your home by 10-15%. Water in good health and watch your garden flourish!

We invite you to visit LongHouse and see our gardens in bloom.  Summer is in full swing with Open Days, Twilight Toursand both an indoor exhibition, Jack, Larger than Life and an outdoor exhibition, Planters: ON+OFF the Ground X.  

Here's to a happy and healthy summer,

Holger Winenga

Checking out the irrigation with RB on First Lawn.


RB installed micro irrigation wands in all of the planters in Planters: ON+OFF the Ground.  Can you spot the tiny water wand in this planter?