Today is World Smile Day, a day devoted to smiles and kind acts throughout the world. Who doesn't love to smile and receive a smile in return?  It's always a day brightener!  In honor of the day, we thought we would share with you miles of smiles from LongHouse visitors this year.  It makes us so happy to see guests enjoying the art and gardens of LongHouse...and yes it makes us smile! 

These two young ladies joined their parents for our Winter Walk last February and found great fun in our treasure hunt, "Hand in Hand."

An early spring visitor who proclaimed that LongHouse was her favorite place.

Fourth grade students from the Amagansett School smile after spending the day at LongHouse for our Arbor Day Celebration.  With the assistance of Rebekah Schulz of Ray Smith & Associates, they potted up saplings to take home and plant in their own yards.

Eileen and Jerry Gladstone enjoying the Moroso chairs at our Rites of Springs opening day.

There really is nothing that makes us smile more than kids having a good time!  Here kids and families having fun at our Rites of Spring opening day.

Say cheese!  Students from the East Hampton High School pose for photos before their Junior Prom in May. 

Schoolchildren readily accept the idea of an outdoor art museum and the concept of the landscape as its own art form.  

All smiles at June's Planters ON+OFF The Ground.

Summer time smiles at our summer benefit, "Serious Moonlight."

Even the dogs were smiling at Laurie Anderson's Concert for Dogs in August.

It was a beautiful afternoon for our Sonic Garden Party and a good time was had by all!

The Dance Workshop in collaboration with El Colegio del Cuerpo and The Watermill Center, brought endless smiles to the fourth graders from Springs School.

We don't know who creates these special "days" like "World Teacher Day" and "World Smile Day" but isn't it great to be reminded of such simple wonders?  Smile big today!