Don Gummer is an American sculptor whose early work concentrated on wall-mounted sculpture and room-size installations.  By the mid-1980s, his interest went in a different direction, and he began making large freestanding works, often in bronze.  Critic Irving Sandler describes him as giving "postmodern life to classic principles of abstract composition."  When asked about what influenced Don Gummer's Escape the artist shared, "In 1989 my wife and I moved to Los Angeles with our young and growing family.  Five eventful years later, after the riots, fires, earthquakes and high profile murders, we decided to return to our home on the East Coast.  In 1995, I made Escape.  It grew from my feelings of being displaced and uprooted and searching for directions.  The four main linear elements emerge from the turmoil below trying to find north, south, east and west.  It was my need and desire to find and express a sense of stability after those five eventful years in Los Angeles."