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Paola Lenti


Paola Lenti

Contemporary design furnishings inspired by art, nature and the wonder of outdoor living

Friday, June 14 | 5:00–8:00 PM

Starting in June, visitors can enjoy the exclusive and colorful 100+ armchairs, sofas, poufs, tables, and parasol umbrellas displayed in five areas across the 16-acre gardens. The curated arrangements feature natural woods, rich textures, organic color palettes, as well as weather-resistant fabrics and eco-friendly fibers, which are visually striking, durable, and sustainable.

Join us on Friday, June 14 for a special preview and wander the garden, enjoy the exhibition sited across the landscape, enjoy special drinks and nibbles, relax on a warm summer evening of color, light, and joy.

All ticket proceeds support LongHouse’s programs in art, design, nature, and wellness.

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About Paola Lenti 

Paola Lenti's products, epitomizing Made-in-Italy craftsmanship, stand out for their exclusive upholstery fabrics, the result of thirty years of research and experimentation, and for their original and unmistakable colors. Within the Longhouse Reserve gardens, they find their finest expression because it is precisely from nature that Paola Lentidraws inspiration for creating her design elements, fabrics and materials. 2024 marks 30 years of creation for Paola Lenti.

Crafsmanship ph. © Maurizio Natta - courtesy Paola Lenti srl_11.jpg__PID:40039d0a-8bb7-46c8-b9e0-48fcf4375618

Photo by Maurizio Natta, courtesy Paola Lenti

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Photo by Maurizio Natta, courtesy Paola Lenti

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Photo by Maurizio Natta, courtesy Paola Lenti