The Legacy Mantle (Mao Jacket), 2002 by Sui Jianguo (b. 1956) is representative of the artist’s strong ties with China’s Maoist past. Praised by critics for being a “pioneer venturing to the farthest reaches of Chinese sculpture,” Sui Jianguo’s art explores his unique understanding and recognition of creation, form, diverse media, alternative methods, and space-time. Sui Jianguo relies on the wisdom of native Chinese genealogy and channels of culture to serve as problem solvers. His Mao suit represents that initiative: bigger than life, it depicts the oversized personality of the leader while the hollow interior is seen by some as a symbol for Mao’s empty promises. Critic Sue Wang states that “the artist used a satirical approach to express the conflict between escape and repression.” Sui stresses that the suit is not as much a criticism but more of a “medium” to convey the artist’s ideas and emotions about his Maoist past. Upon completion of the project Sui felt like he had reached a resolution, claiming. “I’m putting him to rest. This way I can grow up.”