Take a peek at some of the thousands of daffodils blooming at LongHouse Reserve with horticulturist Holger Winenga.

Hybridized and registered by W.F. Leenen from the Netherlands in 2004.
We planted them last fall under the new Davidia tree on the second lawn at LongHouse. 'Pistachio' is rather late in bloom and just opened up on April 15. It will be at its best when most other daffs are almost finished. The pale yellow flowers with a greenish cast will get lighter around the tube of the corolla and the petals when they mature. It belongs to the Trumpet 1 division.

Narcissus "Geranium"
A multi-flowered heirloom of the tarzetta (division 8) group that was hybridized by J.B. van der Schoot, Netherlands before 1930. Late-blooming and very fragrant.
Was it called Geranium, because it is a perfect companion for Geranium phaeum? You have to try it yourself to be the judge on that thought.
Great cut-flower with strong fragrance. At LongHouse you will find it at the entrance to the Gray Garden, where it is planted with Leucojum.

Narcissus "Barrett Browning" pre-1945
One of the earliest to bloom of the small cupped division. A great performer and longtime favorite of mine.

Narcissus "Katie Heath"
Named after plantsman Brent Heath’s mother and registered pre2002, this 12” daffodil of the Triandus group (division 5) has stunning ivory color perianth segments and pale pink floral tubes. It was planted in the Grass Garden at  LongHouse in fall 2019.

Narcissus "Winter Waltz"
An american-bred daffodil by Grant Mitch, Oregon, that grows well for us. Registered in 1988. It is reported that it varies greatly in color depending on temperature. Belongs to the Cyclamineus group.
Planted at LongHouse in fall 2019.

Narcissus bulbocodium "White Petticoat"
Registered by W. van Lierop & Zonen in 2017.
A wonderful cross between N. cantabricus and N. bulbocodium ssp. obesus "Diamond Ring".
This fragrant little treasure of the division 10 group would work well in a rock garden.  At LongHouse Reserve, we planted them in the Grass
Garden under Azalea viscosum, in a spot where they get enough sun amidst Carex humilis ‘Velbeit’.

Narcissus "Sabrosa"
Registered by John W. Blanchard in 1986, a decade after it was first discovered.
A very floriferous miniature of the jonquilla 7 division.
Other experts group it to the miniature 10 division.
Does well at LongHouse in our Grass Garden path planted with Carex morowii var. temnolepsis.