Winter Storm Grayson barreled up the East Coast and pummeled the Northeast with a full day of high winds, snow, and arctic temperatures.  With just a few branches down, the LongHouse gardens came through in one piece.  Here are some photos from the day after the storm, snapped by our horticulturist, Alex Feleppa.

Clearing the parking lot was the first order of business, quite a daunting task!

Our horticulturist Alex Feleppa ventured in first to check the property, since he's got the biggest truck, a heavy duty Dodge Ram.

One of our gardeners, Josue Rojas, ready to go move snow with the Bobcat.

Alex heads down the Cryptomeria Alleé in his truck.

Tough sledding getting to the office entrance, but a beautiful view!

Forging a path through the Dunes.  The top of the Gateway Bell is just visible over the grasses.

Takashi Soga's "Eye of the Ring" at the top of the house berm  Check out the lovely swirling patterns in the snow.

LongHouse dressed in its winter finery.

Bonifacio Rojas clearing the paths around LongHouse.

The fountain frozen in time.

Peter's Pond looks ready for ice skating!

Bernar Venet's "Three Indeterminate Lines"

Here is another shot of Vernet's sculpture with Buckminster Fuller's "Fly's Eye Dome" in the background.  

Yoan Capote's "In Transit" sits dusted with snow.

George Rickey's "Six Lines in a T II" got a workout with the never ending wind!

Alex caught Rickey's sculpture with the two of the blades mirroring the crossed lines atop LongHouse.

Dale Chihuly's "Cobalt Reeds" strike a dramatic pose against the winter backdrop.

Our Pink Garden's Rose Arbor, shows its bones in the winter.

Mariyo Yagi's "NAWA Axis for Peace" totem stands tall even when winter storms roll through.

One would find Mark Mennin's "Core 2" a cozy place to without that little pile of snow.

The path to Kreye Canyon.

We didn't know that our white tassels by Sunbrella, would be such a spectacular sight on a windy winter's day!