Tuesday, January 30th, while East Hampton was surprised with 6 inches of snow, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden received only a light dusting as the 22nd Plant-O-Rama was getting under way.  Presented by the Metro Hort Group and BBG, Plant-O-Rama is a horticultural trade show, symposium, and jobs fair that gathers the tri-state's finest and is not to be missed.

In the newly renovated Palm Dome, nearly 40 exhibitors were present to show off their plants, pots, organic materials, and latest tools.  It is always a pleasure to see Jim Glover of Glover Perennials, a Plant-O-Rama regular and spectacular perennial grower.  This year Jim presented one of the Breakout Sessions "Great Plant Picks for 2018" along with Joyann from Atlantic Nurseries.  Check out this stunning Euphorbia (below) Glover is offering this year - 'Glacier Blue'!

Another exhibitor was RareFind Nursery, who adorned their table with a fun and varied selection of small, containerized witchhazels.  You would not believe the tremendous fragrance of this one, Hamamelis 'Rochester'.  We may have to incorporate into LongHouse's own witchhazel collection along the Golden Path.

A great perk of attending Plant-O-Rama is the chance to take some time and revisit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  I love this wall of floating planters as you enter the Steinberg Visitor Center where this year they held Breakout Sessions by Jim Glover and Joyann Ciigliano as well as urban arborist Bill Logan. 

The Japanese Garden at BBG is a beautiful sight to behold in any season.

Of course if you visit BBG you have to take a walk through the C.V. Starr Bonsai Museum.

Some of the specimens are hundreds of years old, and each one has its own character, like this guy, grown and trained on nothing but a flat stone.

Look at this bonsai version of a mugo pine, nearly 100 years old!

From the bonsai collection you go next door and begin touring the many different conservatories.  In the basement of this overflowing tropical house was held a jobs fair where over 30 New York and New Jersey based companies were set up and getting to know the bright, next generation of horticultural professionals.

Back to the Palm Dome, we always love to see what new plants and offerings Landcraft Environments is bringing to the table.  Owner Dennis Schrader knows tropical plants like few others, and LongHouse could not be more thankful to have him as an active and devoted board member and supporter. 

Publisher Jim Peterson of Garden Design Magazine was providing people with a glimpse of the Winter 2018 edition.  One of the finest horticulture magazines in the world, Garden Design was the recipient of the first-ever LongHouse Award for Publication in 2017.

As you can tell, there are so many exhibitors it is hard to capture them all.  Let's end with two other great finds while chatting with the Keil brothers from Otto Keil Florist and Emma's Garden Growers.  Above in the center is Leucothoe 'Scarletta', and you can clearly see why it should be incorporated into every four-season garden display - look at that fabulous purple winter color!  For you container gardeners contemplating your early spring planters, what about that almost-white Senecio 'Angel Wings' on the left side of the small potted arrangement below.  Certainly something we will keep in mind!

To wrap up, no Plant-O-Rama is complete without some of the best speakers in the industry.  A true highlight of this year's event was listening to English garden designer Dan Pearson speak about "The Power of Sensitive Public Plantings".  We should all take a trip to see the work he has put in to Lowther Castle, but that will be another post for another time.