Check out Jack's Mango Fork as featured in the New York Times:

Giving Newlyweds Tools for Entertaining


NOV. 10, 2016

Most people who are getting married already have basic dishes and flatware, so consider giving unusual serving tools.

Most newlyweds already have the dinnerware and flatware basics covered, but with the onset of the holiday season, the spotlight has shifted to giving more unusual tabletop items.

Consider a fine table that is set with serving plates for oysters, or handmade pasta bowls, or perhaps a pie server that has become a modern classic.

And who knew that eating a mango required a special utensil? It was considered an exotic delicacy in Europe a hundred or more years ago when wealthy Victorians were eating the fruit with specially designed silver forks. New ones are now made using the same three-tined design as the antique ones. A set of them would make a distinctive gift.

Wood trays, ice cream bowls or proper fish knives also make good wedding gifts and are welcome holiday presents for those (married or not) on your shopping list.

  1. Mango Fork

    Jack Lenor Larsen, the textile designer, created this modern, hand-forged stainless-steel mango fork, which is made in Thailand. The long center tine pierces the stem end of the fruit, which is then peeled from the top and eaten like a lollipop.

    $30 each from, 631-329-3568.

  2. Dotted Pasta Bowl

    Each handmade porcelain pasta bowl in the dot pattern is 9¼ inches in diameter; the dots come in a choice of six colors on a cream background.

    $208 for a set of four from Davis Studio,, 518-392-7308.

  3. Modern Ice Cream Bowls

    A set of two double-walled stainless-steel ice cream bowls, with spoons, are constructed to keep the dessert ice-cold when served.

    $60 for two from the MoMA Store,, 800-851-4509

  4. Sleek Pie Server

    Arne Jacobsen designed this matte stainless-steel pie server in 1957.

    $35 from Georg Jensen,, 800-546-5253.

  5. Fish Knife

    The stainless-steel Albi 2 fish knife from Christofle, designed in France in 1968, has a classic blade that makes cutting fish away from the bone easier than it is with a dinner knife.

    $35 each from Christofle,, 800-599-2352.

  6. Wooden Serving Board

    Each 36-inch-long serving board, made from rescued maple or pecan wood from fallen trees, is slightly different.

    $160 each from Food 52,

  7. Lavender Oyster Plate

    Abigail’s ceramic oyster plate has room for six oysters on the half shell and sauce in the center. Available in lavender, yellow or salmon.

    $38 each from Abigail’s,, 800-678-8485.

  8. Splattered Plates

    Wood spice bowls by Black Creek Mercantile and Trading are made of maple with splatter designs in black and gold. The shallow bowls come in two sizes, 6½ inches or 9½ inches, and can be used for things like nuts or olives.

    $130 or $150, retailers listed at or at 917-797-1903