We would be hard pressed to find a more beloved seating area than the colorful row of Sunbrella chairs perched in front of Peter's Pond.  These chairs came to us as part of the 2014 exhibition, Exteriors, and quickly became a guest favorite with visitors who enjoy the view of the pond and the feeling of not-a-care-in-the-world that the chairs provide.

Educators use them for discussions with their students or as a place to sketch or write poetry.

Visitors love to sit with friends and chat, sometimes all afternoon.  Others will use the chairs as a comfy spot to read or even take a quick nap in the sunshine.

The Sunbrella chairs are also one of the most popular spots for photography.  Check out these students from East Hampton High School having fun before their Junior Prom this past May.

The chairs were also used as props for a dance workshop in September as part of a   collaboration with El Colegio del CuerpoThe Watermill Center and the Springs School 4th grade.

Sunbrella manufactures a line of high performance fabrics that are durable and colorful and can be used in many different applications including outdoors and on the water.  Part of Glen Raven, Inc., Sunbrella is a leader in providing fabrics for outdoor furniture, awnings, pillows, boat covers and indoor furnishings.  They are a global company but their main manufacturing plant is located in the USA, in Anderson, South Carolina.  The fabric covering our chairs is from their Icon Collection.

Sunbrella fabric is even part of one of our most popular pieces of sculpture, the NAWA Axis for Peace by Mariyo Yagi.

Our chairs are our hard-working soldiers, standing tall everyday ready and willing to accommodate kids, adults, families and friends.  They are now put away for the season but will be back in Spring, 2017 to once again bring joy to all.