Edward Albee (1928-2016)

Jack Lenor Larsen and the LongHouse community mourn the death of Honorary Trustee and Pulitzer-prize winning author, Edward Albee. Widely considered “the foremost American playwright of his generation (NYT),” Albee was a consistent supporter, frequent visitor, and loyal friend of LongHouse since its inception. His dedication to and love of LongHouse spanned decades.

His generosity was legendary:

  • 1992  Becomes member of LH  Advisory Council (later named Arts Committee)
  • 1995   At his first LongHouse appearance, Albee read from his lesser-known works
  • 2001   Albee was the first recipient of the LongHouse Award
  • 2003   Albee created a “playlet” at LongHouse; an impromptu performance around thoughts and words suggested by the audience
  • 2004   Albee became an Honorary Trustee
  • 2005   LHR first Winter Benefit was held in NYC with a performance of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”
  • 2008   Albee was recognized at the Winter Benefit Gala Dinner. A performance of two of his plays followed at the Cherry Lane Theater
  • 2009   LHR Winter Benefit at the Lotus Club featured Albee, reading excerpts from “Counting the Ways”
  • 2010   Our Winter Benefit featured an interview of Albee at his art-filled Tribeca loft where he discussed his acquisitions

A frequent attendee at LongHouse events, Albee regularly donated African artifacts from his vast collection to our Summer Benefit, among them, an African Throne Chair.  Stating “I’m not a collector, I’m an accumulator,” Albee’s self-deprecating humor, generosity of spirit, and brilliant mind will live on at LongHouse forever.  May he rest in peace.