Diversities of Sculpture/Derivations from Nature

Everything can come alive when contradictions and oppositions accumulate. The miscellany of sculptures by six artists for this exhibition is a gathering of pioneering, conventional, and idiosyncratic works and practices, having no sweeping ideology in common. The LHR gardens will be their new context for the summer season, viewed and experienced in relationship to plantings, gravel, and the completing glory of nature, which should distinctly complement each object.

The six artists in this exhibition demonstrate historical traces of minimalism, conceptual, and feminist art trajectories. Two are East Enders, one has passed away, some are mid-career, and others are well into their practice as professional artists. Ronald Bladen (1918-1988) leads the way as one of the fathers of minimalism, followed by Jene Highstein and Brian Gaman, whose cast concrete and ironworks respectfully, resonate with primary geometric shapes. More organically inspired is the work of Daniel Wiener, whose sculptural process is free flowing and will easily disappear within the vegetation of LongHouse. Finally, the two figurative artists, Judith Shea and Anne Chu, will show works cast in bronze that are the most traditional pieces in this exhibition.

Diversities of Sculpture was curated by our Springs neighbor Bonnie Rychlak. Ms. Rychlak, herself an artist, is an independent curator and a member of the LHR Art Committee. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Pratt Institute.

Please join us on Saturday, June 9th, for a special lecture with Bonnie Rychlak. LHR is pleased to host, along-side Ms. Rychlak, 4 of the sculptors showcased in this original installation. June 9, 5:30 pm