“Metal can defy expectations, evolving from cold, static bars and sheets to hint at the warmth and delicacy of nature,” says blacksmith, forger, and sculptor, James DeMartis.  By using fire and time-honored instruments—anvil, hammer, vise, and clamp, DeMartis transforms molten metal into works of art.

His creations are both practical and whimsical; whether it be furniture, banisters, fireplace surrounds, and fences or pieces of sculpture crafted to enhance one’s home or property.

Born in Brooklyn and inspired by his artistic parents, DeMartis studied at C.W. Post College. He worked as a sculptor’s assistant and a blacksmith’s apprentice before opening his own business as metalsmith and blacksmith in 2001 in East Hampton, New York. Exhibiting extensively throughout Long Island, his work has been influenced by Brancusi, Modigliani and Smith.

With patterns and textures reminiscent of the natural environment evident in his work, we can think of no better place than LongHouse Reserve to exhibit it.