Ronald Bladen (1918-1988) was an American painter and sculptor known for his large scale sculptures.  He is referred to as a father figure in the Minimalist Art movement by younger artists such as Sol LeWitt, Carl Andre and Donald Judd.  His artistic stance was influenced by European Constructivism, American Hard Edge Painting and sculptors such as Isamu Noguchi and David Smith.

The clean, geometric grids in Bladen’s Minimalist style will be showcased at LongHouse this season as his “Host of the Ellipse (Garden Scale) 1981” takes its place in the gardens.  As the artist has said, “What I am after is to create drama out of a minimal experience.”   The artist’s work succeeds in that respect as his large pieces soar toward the sky inspiring the viewer to see the bigger picture.  Set in the lush landscape of LongHouse, this will be an unforgettable experience.