The NAWA Axis for Peace project is designed by internationally acclaimed social and environmental Japanese artist, Mariyo Yagi. Having created her collaboratively-made sculptures at sites all over the world, she will, for the first time and in partnership with the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, create a NAWA Axis for Peace sculpture in the United States, at LongHouse Reserve.

See the video here.

Read about Mariyo Yagi's vision of the world in World Sculpture News here.

On May 31, 2014, during an all-day event, over 50 people gathered at LongHouse and worked together to assemble the 30 foot-high sculpture.  During this process, participants “became” the artists.  Like a strand of DNA that inherits genetic information, more than 100 hands twisted the NAWA rope, imbuing each strand with their spirit and creating great strength in the completed form.

Says Dr. Yagi, “I have pursued innovative approaches in the fields of environmental art with an enduring commitment to creative interaction, spiritual enrichment, and the building of social community. My work is especially informed by Japanese ritual aesthetics, which have long emphasized that human beings and the forces of nature are active collaborators in the making and remaking of our dynamic, alive universe.

Called the NAWA Vital Link Projects, these artistic undertakings occur as collaborative ritual events that actively unite people and communities in the spirit of peace.  Together, our monumental creation – the NAWA Column – symbolically binds a wide range of persons, transcending all boundaries, ages, and differences in backgrounds.  These works contribute to the revitalization of communities, awakening relations between nature, culture, and individuals, nurturing harmony in our common quest for world peace.”

Friday May 30th and Saturday May 31st

The Nawa Project was made possible with the generous support of the Coby Foundation, Japan Foundation and Sunbrella.