As we approach the holiday season – a time of gratitude, giving, and reflection – all of us at LongHouse Reserve wish to thank you for your generosity over the past year.  Your support enables us to welcome children, families, friends, neighbors, and scholars to Jack Lenor Larsen’s sanctuary of art and nature.  Please help us continue to share what makes LongHouse so special by giving to our Annual Fund before the end of the year.

2022 will mark our 30th year as an anchor in the Hamptons community.  With your continued support, as we look to the future, we will enhance our focus on living well and well living, as we activate the plan our founder anticipated:  More public access, greater inclusion of our community, the plans to open his home as a museum, and the glory of his gardens.  Please consider a donation to LongHouse.

In this time of transition, we need you now more than ever.  Your support helps us to plan for the coming year of art installations, musical performances, family programs, and continued beautification of our gardens.  As Jack told us:  Never Be Dull – and our intent is to remain more interesting than ever. Click here to donate.

As a newcomer to LongHouse, I thank so many of you for welcoming me.  I look forward to meeting you, hearing from you, being inspired by you.

Yours truly,

Carrie Rebora Barratt
Interim Director