"Children see magic because they look for it."  Christopher Moore

Children are always welcome at LongHouse.  This year we welcomed more kids than ever to the gardens, from newborns to high schoolers. Not only do children come with their school but more often than not, they come with their families on one of our Open Days or during one of our many events.

The younger kids get our "Hand in Hand" treasure hunt when they arrive.  This fun activity guide keeps youngsters engaged, as they search for clues to find sculptures throughout the gardens. More often than not, parents will join the fun making it a wonderful activity for all ages.

We love when kids visit the gardens; their curiosity, enthusiasm and boundless energy is contagious!  Enjoy these photos of children visiting LongHouse this year, and we certainly hope they return to see us again in 2017!

Two young ladies ventured out to do the Hand in Hand treasure hunt at our Winter Walk in February.

During our Arbor Day celebration, one lucky class gets to become an arborist for a day at LongHouse under the direction of Ray Smith & Associates.  Here Bruce Harry explains some of the tools of the trade to students from the Amagansett School.

Students also got to plant their own tree, a shagbark hickory this year.  The kids are encouraged to come back every year and check on the progress of their tree.

The tree is planted and its sign is ready to go in the ground.  Their teacher, Katt Brunn, is on the left and LongHouse horticulturist Alex Feleppa is on the right.

The children also planted their own evergreen saplings to take home and plant in their own yards.  It was a fun day, and a good time was had by all!  Thank you to Ray Smith and Associates for sponsoring this very special day for kids.

During our Rites of Spring season opener, a beautiful afternoon brought out lots of families.  There were smiles all around!

Our Family Day in May is a free admission day where we invite the community at large to come and experience LongHouse.  It's a great way for families to have a meaningful outing at no cost.

We are always honored when high school students ask if they can take pre-prom photos at LongHouse.  Many of these students have already visited LongHouse with their class so for us to be included in a milestone in their lives means the world to us.  Here are a few photos from May and East Hampton High School students on their way to their junior prom.

Not to be outdone, the seniors at East Hampton High School asked if they could take photos at LongHouse before their senior banquet.  Of course we said yes!

Our Sonic Kids Party was a blast!  Kids enjoyed making instruments that they could play and even wear!  We send a big thank you to our Junior Council for creating this fun event for children.

The Dance Workshop, hosted at LongHouse was a terrific collaboration between our friends at The Watermill Center and El Colegio del Cuerpo.  Fourth graders from the Springs School had the most amazing time creating interpretive dances with this dance troupe from Colombia, South America.

At our Holiday Gathering, we were delighted to see so many young faces enjoying the grounds.

Thank you to all the kids out there that share their magic with us!  Please do come back and visit us again next year!