It's that time of the year when we look back over the last twelve months and review all that has happened at LongHouse.  As we look through all of our photos, it fills us with amazement to see the complete metamorphosis of the gardens with the change of the seasons:  the fall shades of brown, orange and gold, the blooming daffodils and the color burst from our flowering trees in the spring, and the many shades of green are lawns, plants and shrubs provide all summer long.  Of course before that even happens we must go through the winter months and the snow, wind and ice that accompanies it.

We had a few major snowstorms in East Hampton this year and the subsequent blanketing of snow gave the gardens of LongHouse a peaceful and pristine glow.  We hope you enjoy these photos of winter at LongHouse - the snow will be here again before we know it! 

Winter Storm Jonas, on January 23, 2016 had the added feature of high winds, leaving LongHouse with many downed branches.  We did not lose any trees but everything was coated in white.

The view from de Kooning Place.

One can see the strength and resiliency of bamboo in these photos.


Our Council Ring still looks like a great place for a rap session...if you have on your snowsuit!

The trees wearing the effects of Winter Storm Jonas.

The red of the Richard Lear Memorial provides a stark contrast to the newly fallen snow.

Yue Minjun's "Chinese Contemporary Warriors" delight (or scream) during Winter Storm Jonas.

The Red Garden still shows its red the day after Winter Storm Jonas.

Sui Jianguo's "Legacy Mantle (Mao Jacket)" looks two-toned after the storm.

The two sculptures, "Mandala" by Tony Rosenthal and "Eye of the Ring" by Takashi Soga blend in to the snowy landscape beautifully.

The "Fly's Eye Dome" designed by Buckminster Fuller and created by John Kuhtik, looks wonderful in any kind of weather!

Mariyo Yagi's "NAWA - Axis for Peace" stands tall in all types of weather thanks to its Sunbrella® fabric.

On February 5, 2016 Winter Storm Lexi came to town and dumped several inches of snow on East Hampton.  The sun came out soon afterwards and turned LongHouse into a winter paradise.

First Lawn sandwiched between blue skies and white ground cover.  It's hard to believe in a few short months this area will host some of our biggest events including PLANTERS ON+OFF the Ground and "Serious Moonlight" our Summer Benefit.

This view of Peter's Pond is striking, even in February.

The Scree Garden gets a little snow melt from the sun overhead.

The Pavilion view of Peter's Pond.

Our witch hazel specimens along the Golden Path, seemingly unbothered by the winter storms.  These beautiful trees help to provide year round color at LongHouse.

Our trees and shrubs all survived the winter storms.

No swimming just yet, but the rill and lap pool still look inviting.

The magnificent hornbeams elegantly draped in snow.

Dale Chihuly's "Cobalt Reeds" withstand the winter snows just fine but are safely stored away during any hurricane warnings.

We look forward to these quiet winter months as we cherish each season.  Happy New Year!