Roughly square in plan, this person-sized totem is assembled from salvaged structural wood members and stands erect like a figure in the landscape. Its exterior faces, weathered and scored with intersecting lines, might suggest an old nautical chart. A continuous vertical gap along one side reveals a pristine cobalt blue interior. Facing south-west this gap allows sunlight to flood the interior, casting geometric shadows that continuously change as they track the movement of the sun. Although small, the illuminated interior, as bright and blue as a sky, can at times seem like a glimpse through to an infinite space.

Waypoint is navigational term. Used habitually by sailors and pilots in plotting a route, a waypoint is literally “a point along the way,” an interim destination to break up a longer journey. Buoys often serve as waypoints. A waypoint is both an end and a beginning, and is often an opportunity for reassessing, taking stock.