This compilation of photos and print is not just a souvenir for visitors, but rather, a teaching tool; spreading the non-conformist approaches of LongHouse Reserve as a case study.  What do we savor from LongHouse?  What ideas can we apply at home and beyond?  What inspiration do we find as we read?  Experiment without compromise.  Explore without boundaries.  Grow without fear.  Make LongHouse your house!  Liberation!

For making this book possible, we gratefully acknowledge:  Dorothy Lichtenstein, John Lawrence Githens, Sandy and Steve Perlbinder, Barbara Slifka, Neda Young, Linda Usher and Malcolm Lambe, Toni Ross, Susan and Richard Marcus, Ginger and Marlin Miller, Elizabeth and Mark Levine, Anne and Charles Roos, Nina Gillman, Sandra and Louis Grotta and Bruce Sloan.

Launch and book signing at LongHouse Reserve
Saturday, June 25