Saturday, July 21, 2018

LongHouse is in full GALA Mode on July 21 —bringing two spectacular honorees to you who embody all the unconventionality and risk-taking for which LH stands. And in homage to Brooklyn from whence they have made their mark — along with our usual LongHouse style, surprises and feast — there will be great beer, really cool music, Bob Dylan bourbon and even a little bit of science. The better-then-ever auction will be geared to all the senses. These two great guys from Brooklyn have made and are making a huge leap in our culture and are an innate part of the pulse of the times.

Both in theater and music, New York is the center of the avant garde world. The Next Wave Festival of BAM has long been its driver. We are rightly honoring the man who made it happen: Joe Melillo for initiating the Next Wave in 1983.He was the very first to see the genius in two artists dear to us: Robert Wilson and Laurie Anderson and others we admire like Mark Morris, Pina Bausch and William Kentridge. The cream of the crop of the 20th Century, you might say.

Meanwhile, Dustin Yellin is busily shaping the 21st . We will be celebrating his 42nd birthday at our Benefit, as well as his extraordinary art and gutsy entrepreneurship. David Brooks wrote this in the New York Times: ‘When he was 18, Yellin hatched a plan. He would go to New York, become a successful artist and create a place where painters, scientists, writers, billionaires and other cool people could gather to try to change the world. Yellin turns 40 this week, and that’s more or less what he’s done.’ Since then, Pioneer Works has jelled and is reshaping the face of concepts like ‘progress’ and ‘cross-culture’.

Come to LongHouse on July 21st to get to know these two creative powerhouses at our GALA 2018. It will be as different, distinctive and as exciting as they are. Wear shiny, glossy, lustrous metallics to brighten our night.