Bury was born in Meerholz, Germany in 1946. He studied at Staatl Ziechenakemie, Hanau, Germany from 1962 through 1965. Bury then went on to study at Kunstund Werkschule, Pforzheim, Germany from 1965 to 1969. He lived and worked in London, England after he graduated. In 1972 he taught at his alma matter, Kunst und Werkscule in Pforzheim. Bury was also a guest teacher at the Royal College of Art, London and at Hornsey School of Art, London from 1972 to 1973. Bury was a visiting artist at Nova Scotia Festival of the Arts, Halifax in 1975. He was a guest teacher at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem as well. In 1980 he taught at Rhode Island School of Design. Bury has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and London.

Bury accepts inspiration for his work from various areas of his life. He tries to keep emotional aspects absent from these inspirations and the process of creating his work. Bury has always liked technology and mechanical instruments. Given this affinity he translates what he sees into his work. His forms are geometric. Bury believes the idea is the most important aspect of a piece, not material. Color that is introduced into his work is what he relates to nature. For Bury, drawing is more creative than constructive.