LongHouse Collects II

In addition to a number of my rarer fabrics, including commissions, this exhibit includes fine pieces by others. These are Helena Hernmarck’s splendid black and white tapestry, Boy, from 1969 and Jim Bassler’s exquisite compound tapestry, Ixmiquilpan, finished last year, by my vote for America’s finest weaver. A new artist in the collection is Sue Lawty of England with a tall gesso panel studded with chips of rather uniform black stone. Just published by Pentagram is her new book for which I wrote the forward.

The great textile designer of Bangalore also has a fine new textile on view along her truly luxe new publication with my forward.

Dominant of textiles on view are baskets – a dozen of them, mostly recent and ethnographic in a field for which LHR is exceptionally strong. I have written two books on baskets.

Lastly are six ledges and a dining table given over to dinnerware as the ultimate personal collection, enriching our shared food and beverages.

A surprise in selecting some of my textiles to fill in spaces came the realization that in 50 years I probably worked in more textile media in more materials than anyone before me.  The ease of air travel after the war helped, as did my curiosity for rare handcrafts, and my being a designer with a sales network.

This exhibition is on view thru July 12