Dear Friends,

Because LongHouse is unique — because we have 16 gorgeous acres —

We are freely and joyously asking you to join us and be kissed by the evening sky beginning at 6pm on July 24th when there will be non-stop fun and tremendous good vibes. 

Though there will be no formal sit-down dinner, a fabulous variety of food and heavenly drinks will match the many exuberant moods as you circulate among the dozens of different objects and sculptures on our art-laden grounds.  Talent galore, extraordinarily energized music and all sorts of movement will be arrayed around our gardens for your amazement and pleasure.

While you listen, dance and groove, you will have a chance to see our LongHouse Shares Artsy auction before it closes that night…and have the best chance  to win that special something that is unique to LongHouse.

Dress up — let it all out — delights and surprises around every exquisite corner.   

A tremendous sit-down dinner for you and yours inside the Bucky Fuller dome or in our Albee Amphitheater surrounded by the Circle of Animals, or even in your own home, can happily be arranged too.  See details of Dazzle, Glitter and Shine.

LongHouse is the only place where everything is possible.

So just SAY YES

We are longing to see you on July 24