Oscar Molina:
Children of the World 

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About the Exhibition


The sculpture installation Children of the World will be on view at LongHouse. This series comprises large and small-scale sculptures as well as abstract paintings, and is inspired by and emanate from the artist’s vivid memories of his journey through the desert as a 16-year-old youth escaping the violence of then war-torn El Salvador in the hopes of finding safe haven in the United States.

Molina says, “Politics, culture and identity – how they intersect and interact with one another is what intrigues me, this is what my art explores. I immigrated to the US from El Salvador yet, for me, a border is nothing more than a concept. So, I paint and sculpt as a way of building bridges across borders, borders that nations create and impose upon us. At the same time, my work opens space for viewers to tap into their own feelings about and interpretations of the work. I offer my art as a social practice, as an invitation to a much-needed conversation amongst diverse cultures. I believe that this exchange is the key to the preservation and evolution of our traditions–and it is this exchange that enriches each one of us and, as a result, our communities as a whole.”

For more information about Oscar Molina, visit oscarmolinagallery.com and moemasonry.com. Banner photo by Philippe Cheng.

Children of the World by J. Oscar Molina

Photo by Philippe Cheng

Children of the World from a series of 10 unique paintings.

Acrylic on Canvas
Courtesy of the artist

Panel Discussion at LongHouse

Pictured from Left to Right: Mago Martinez from Oscar Molina Gallery, Artist J. Oscar Molina, and
LongHouse Head of Education and Community Engagement, Esperanza Leon