ClockClock 24

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ClockClock 24 by Humans since 1982 recontextualizes time through an ingenious marriage of analogue and digital.  24 clocks come together to tell a collective story in one singular digital display. Each individual clock hand is choreographed in line with the others, so that these clocks tell the time as a collective, rather than individually.  The piece can be programmed in 12 or 24-hour time and it has 3 different modes of movement between each minute:  minimal, medium or elaborate.  ClockClock 24 combines a unique concept, technical precision and expert craftsmanship, resulting in the highest quality form.  Part kinetic sculpture, part functional timepiece, ClockClock 24 is produced and carefully assembled with true dedication in Humans since 1982’s workshop in Sweden.  Limited edition.

Dimensions:  35.4 x 15.7 x 1.3 in.

Item #2001 White Stone Composite with Black Clock Hands
Item #2002 Black Stone Composite with White Clock Hands

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